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. that's andre carter, cbs 5 football analyst. . >>> former cal star shawn lindley got himself a court sight seat, cal hosting washington state. cal took a 29-27 lead at intermission. second half, justin cobb off the screen, the elbow jump shot, good. it was a close game throughout the afternoon, but in the end, wallace again. the freshman off the bench, had a career high 16. cal pulls away, winning 67-54 and improved to 2-2 in the pac- 10. >>> santa clara welcoming in byu this afternoon. first half, broncos down 6. clark makes the nice pass. santa clara, down 9 at the break. second half, kevin foster would bring santa clara back. nice finish with the left hand. foster had 22. game tied. byu went on an 18-0 run. tyler haas from downtown had 24. byu runs away 82-64. santa clara now falls to 1-3 in conference. >>> coach k and duke, one of few unbeaten teams in college basketball. midway through the second, seth curry leads. later in the half, curry slips and falls. ankle injury. runs in that family. so the wolfpack took advantage. tj lesl
. sean goldstein for safety and andy lee. other notable bay area players, aaron rodgers, and two more cal bears, marshawn lynch and tony gonzalez, and richmond sherman named to the all-pro team. >> switch guys. college hoops. cal hosting washington state. both teams 9-6 but the cougars looking for the first conference win. total team effort from the bears. copps to sol -- cobbs to kolele solo month. time winding down. sherman gets the lose ball, lays it in. power on wallace into the action. the offensive rebound and putback. led the bears with 16 points, cal improves to 10-6, beating the cougars 67-54. >> santa clara looking for the first win at home against byu since 1961. the missed layup but carlino there is for the put-in. then kevin foster, two of his 22. broncos up. byu too tough down the stretch, goes on to win 82-6 4. niners and the packers are tied at 14. we'll have complete highlights at 9:00 and 11:00, and the girl scouts are in he house tonight. make sure you buy some. >> thank you, shu. the white house takes on star wars. what they're saying about a request to build the ♪ i
for everybody to go out there and give their best effort. >> pac-12. women's hoops. cal, 53-49 road win at colorado. and stanford joins cal at 2-0 in conference play with 570-56 win at utah. stanford and cal will play each other twice in the next week in berkeley on tuesday, and then at maples on sunday. a home and home series. >> "the hobbit" gets knocked off the number1111111g >> ama: join me on cable 13. we'll have new details on the gun control plan considered by the white house. then at 11:00 here. a warning tonight as we head into flu season. the new concerns and why this could be the worth flu season in years. that's at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc7 news. a horror remake tops a fan take place prequel at the box office. texas chain saw 3 d-day buoy ited a number one. the movie picks up where the 1974 original left off. the revenge saga, django held on to the second pot. after three weekends, "the hobbit" slipped to third. awaying $825 million worldwide. parental guidance wraps up the top five films. >> that will do it for abc7 news at 6:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >>
buffaloes ran into stanford and cal. colorado has now lost two in a row with cal that was in boulder this afternoon. britney boyd had 15 points for the bears. boyd hits a three right here. they head to the locker room with the teams tied at four. cal went on an 8-0 run. part of that run this bucket by talia caldwell. the bears score just seven points in the game the final six minutes when boyd missed a free point. rashonda was there to put it back for two. cal holds on for a 53-49 win. the show down is coming up this week before the two first place teams. stanford and cal will place each other two times in five days. >>> strange happenings in golf's tournament of champions. the first event of the year on the usually sunny island of hawaii. gusts up to 50 miles per hour. the plan today was to play 54 holes. they tried for a while. the wind blows the ball right off his tee. or how about scott stallings. stallings just trying to mark his ball but it won't stay on the green. where are you supposed to mark that. after about 90 minutes of trying to play officials decided to call it off aga
as head coach for the rams from 2002 to 2005. >>> washington state and cal. sunny dice, the new head coach at cal. richard salomon with the block. on the other end. he'll flush. cal led by two at recess. now in the second half. the miss. tyrone wallis, the rebound, the putback. cal wins, 67-54 over washington state. >>> byu at santa clara. the broncos looking to avoid their third straight loss. byu up by three. foster drives and scores. santa clara within one at this point. but then byu went on a tear, up by 13. here's tyler haws nailing the three. he had a game high 24 points. byu wins, 82-64. they remain undefeated in conference play. >>> the nhl lockout unofficially ended last sunday, and officially ended today. that's when nearly 700 players voted to okay the agreement they actually made with the owners last weekend. there's just one last document to be clarified before training camp's going to officially begin either tomorrow or monday. we're still not sure when that's going to happen. >>> a cool event at sonoma raceway. the second annual john's march against stomach cancer, supporter
afc title game with the 38-35 double overtime victory. >> switch gears, college hoops, cal hosting washington state. both team s 9-6. cal's new football coach in the house. total team effort for the bears, cobbs to solomon. throws it down. seven points and eight boards. time winding down. thurman gets the loose ball. bears up two at the break. freshman wallace getting in on the action. the offensive rebound and putback. led the bear with 15. cal improves to 10-6. 2-2 in pac-12 play, beating the cougars. >> stanford hosting washington. late second half. rarntiond -- game tied. time wiping down. huskies get the rebound to wilcox. all alone, he lays it in. washington wins, 65-60. stanford falls to 10-7. >> santa clara looking for the first win at home against byu. the layup is missed but carlino there for the putback. byu up nine. santa clara trying to keep it close. broncos down one but byu too tough. game-high 25. byu wins 82-64. >> wcc matchup. st. mary's and usf. the inbound pass to hope. sales the game for the gaels. check out the three-quarter court heave. nothing but net. it co
and losing too often can age skin prematurely because of the sick lick cal stretching and sagging of the skin. >>> a new poll suggests americans are not aware of all of the ways obesity can damage your health. 70% can list heart disease and diabetes as consequences. others name cancer, arthritis especially in the knees, sleep apnea, infertility, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and stroke. >>> well, if you want your cup of cocoa to taste better, it may not need more sugar or chocolate, but a change in mug. the color of the mug can influence how good it tastes. orange and cream were consistently graded as having better flavor than other colors for cocoa. >>> leigh glaser is checking on our weather and what is ahead to are tomorrow. hi, leigh. >> live doppler 7hd is signaling that everything is clear. the rain has moved out of the bay area and speaking of cocoa you will they'd some tomorrow. temperatures are slipping into the upper 30s to low 40s. now, tomorrow a terrific travel day across the country. denver 49 and looking for plenty of sunshine throughout the midsection of the country. d
team was rolling along until it had to face stanford and cal. 20th-rank and previously unbeaten buffaloes have lost two in a row. the bears in boulder this afternoon. the two teams were tied at 24 at the half. in the second half, cal went on an 8-0 run. then the bears went cold. they scored just 7 points in the game's final 6 minutes. when boyd missed a free-throw, there to fight for the loose ball to put it back in for 2. cal holds on for the win. the bears 2-0 in the pac-12 and stanford improves to 2-0 in the conference. >>> rain and high winds had will be postponed the first three days of the tournament of champions in maui. gusts up to 50 miles per hour. the plan today was to play 36 holes. how are you supposed to mark that? after 90 minutes of trying to placer they decided to call it off again today and wipe out all the scores and they will try again tomorrow to play 36 holes and then 18 on tuesday. the winds are predicted to ease tomorrow. and that is it for this early sunday night sportswrap. see you again tonight at 10:00. >> they have to stay a few extra days in hawai'
's not but he is such an icon. >> he is one of the great baltimore icons up there with cal ripken and i am excited to see him. >> reporter: and you've gathered fans talking about ray lewis. they are going to do the dance. come on. get that music pumped. [ music ] ♪ so hot in here ♪ >> ♪ &. [ music ] >> reporter: tough give it to them. come on the pep rally is going on 4:30 to 7 this morning at haney's corner deli. this is your what you are missing. free donuts and coffee. they will provide -- be more around town will provide them for anyone coming in. >> you like that. >> i like it. >> all right. so if you are not heading to denver the cheerleaders and poe will get you pumped up here with the purple caravan. theyth it start at 6:45 at house -- it starts at 6:45 atand at each spot you have a chance to win prizes. the final stop is 9:15 tonight. we have posted the entire caravan schedule at our website at abc2news.com. >>> here at abc2 beer ex-- 2abc2 we are excited about the ravens run. we ever we have a one hour special airing at 7. destination denver. kelly swoope will be live with
to one clough lo cal classroom war teacher is combining the great talents for a great cause. >>> bpa three leters that can scare any parents. what to look for to keep toxic products out of your children's hands. >> heavy rain, flooding and one area of the country is seeing it all including a twister all caught on camera. >> wow. all right. well, i am meteorologist mike masco. 36 degrees on the chilly side. 60s into the weekend. full forecast coming up. >> reporter: there are no delayson 695 south of burnie highway but there's serious crash that shut down route 97. i will have the details coming up on good morning maryland. >> it's 8 minutes after the hour. a live look at times square as we head that way for a check of the day's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites a warning for anyone running java security experts say disable the software because a problem has just been detected that allows hackers to attack some computers. one expert says it is a mess. another says it's like open season on consumers. >>> and apple is knocking down reports it's planning a cheaper verse of t
got ideas from portland, oregon. poem boxes will be installed in helena and cal list toga. >>> -- cal toga. and this is dream liner service to asia. seven years of waiting. san jose will begin service to tokyo on friday. that will be offered five time as week. come this summer it will be offered daily. silicon valley tech executives say they are excited for the new service. dream liner is the world's most technologically advanced airplane. >>> san francisco is concerned about housing complexes and the residents got a chance to be heard. they want it for an environmental impact report. they want to build 700 units on a 49-acre sites. but 500 units of the public housing complexes would need to be demolished to make way for the new development. >> the idea is to develop it into a mixed income community that would be affordable housing and all new community amenities. new park space and new community center. the developers say the policy, people who are living in the housing projects right now and in good standing would be given a spot in the new development. >>> well the company sling me
from so cal to watch the game. >> you can watch it down there. >> no, we have to be in san francisco. definitely. >> even if it's on tv. >> absolutely. got to be in the crowd. >> you are in the crowd now. how does it feel ? >> it feels great. this is perfect. couldn't be better. >> first play of the 4th quarter. frank gore two yard run as another 49er touchdown. left no doubt about where the game was heading. >> bad defense. right mimic right place . best defense in the league. they are on top of their game tonight. they are so pumped up. they are going to the superbowl. >> the 49ers have made believers of their already faithful fans. >> reporter: well, if we're lucky to be doing this again next week, same time, same place celebrating another 49er win. if we're lucky. these fans all think we will be. ann, back to you. >> fingers crossed. thanks, don. >>> there's another big story tonight. it is cold. freeze warnings are going up tonight. >> i don't even think many people understand how cold it is outside. they are whipping it up this evening. good evening. let's head outside right no
&pplay... 3 & 3 like his contemporary, cal & ripkee, lewis defied theodds and spent his entire career in a ballimore uniform..ray talks aboiut that, coming up aa 10:50 and 11:30 onsporrs unlimited. 3 ray lewis' jersee has become the n-f-l's #11 elling jersey.... the best part--- outseeling eyton manning. maaning.janice park... tells us ...the buying frenzy... is... off the charrs...// and... -people... are... uyingg.. a lot more than ... justt... jersey's. janice? janice?jeff and jennifer increase...some as much ass700 percent!a lot of ii....thanks tooray leeis....today, i was on a mission, to get at least one erron...to do thh ray lewws dance. &p3 there are plenty of impersonators...some re reallyycute ones....but 3 orginial!!ith ray lewis' 3 vennn gear sales....have gotten a super boostt boosst"it's been non top & pinceehe announced he's retiring, phone calls, waakins & internet"everyonn is trying to get thhir ast piece of ray. we'll be lost without him"here -3 at the raven zone in parkville...theyyare feeliig the
. there is solomon again. cal led by a deuce at halftime and washington state shoot just 33% from the field. huge boost from the freshman tyrone wallace, who comes off the bench to score 16. cam is 2-2 in the pac-12. st. mary's appears to be the best men's basketball team in the bay area. today they took down the dons. the dons are still looking for their first win of the west coast conference schedule. mike mitchell young scores 14. gaels win, 78-72 and also today byu cougars are 4-0 in the west coast conference after they beat santa clara toe. >> it's the third round of the sony open in honolulu. 23-year-old golfer rookie scott langley started two back and starts with a 26'birdie. langley, 5 under 65, another 23- year-old rookie, russell henley. they set a new course record by finishing 17 under par after 54. langley finishes 65. so for the fourth straight day langley and henley will be paired together for the final round. >>> now that the nhl lockout is officially over, sharks announced that they will open their 48-game schedule sunday january 20th. that is sports as we see it it this saturda
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)